Love Won't Wait (2018)

Ru Guo Ai, Perhaps Love, 如果, 爱, 如果,爱

Drama , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 50

7.7 3876 10 0


Wan Shi Cheng is a self-made man who started out as a street vendor. After 40 years of hard work, he has succeeded in establishing the biggest restaurant in the city. However, his family is on the brink of collapse. His eldest daughter Wan Jia Ling has been living with the passing of her son three years ago. Since then, she has learned to endure the abuse of her mother-in-law and theneglect of her husband Song Qiao Zhi. Wan Shi Cheng's eldest daughter-in-law Zheng Qing Tian has devoted everything to her family and the restaurant, yet her sacrifices are met with her own husband's betrayal. His youngest daughter Wan Jia Ni who is against the idea of marriage becomes pregnant after a one-night-stand with a second-generation rich. Wan Shi Cheng's own wife walks out on him because of his failure to properly address their family's problems. These trials become stepping stones for the Wan Family as they mature and grow closer in the face of hardships.


Fan Chun Xia Chen Shu Ying Support Role
Hu Cai Hong Fang Wen Xin Support Role
Zheng Xiao Wan [Lawyer] Support Role
Gao Kai Yuan Xiang Bei Support Role
Chen Rui Li Zhen Dong Support Role
Yu Xiao Lei Wan Shi Mei Support Role
Zhang Shuang Li Wan Shi Cheng Support Role
Tian Min Zhang Yi Di Support Role
Feng Ruo Qi Wan Jia Ni Support Role
Pu Xing Yu Zhou Li Na Support Role
Ni Jing Yang Zheng Qing Tian Main Role
Wu Vanness Song Qiao Zhi Main Role
Cheung Cecilia Wan Jia Ling Main Role
Hsu Thassapak Lu Yang Main Role
Huang Shuo Wen Wan Jia Le Main Role

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Drama , Drama , Romance , Chinese