Lovely Us (2020)


Drama , Drama , Friendship , Romance , School , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 16

7.6 41 10 0


A coming-of-age story of a group of youths who grew up together. The story takes place in 2007; four children from Shu De Faculty and Staff Family Hospital entered high school together, welcoming their sixteenth year of life. They form their own clique named "No. 1992", and embark on a journey filled with dreams, growth and warmth. 


Zhao Yan Song Support Role
Zhao Qian Support Role
Chang Hua Sen Support Role
Zhang Lei Support Role
Li Xing Support Role
Ma Shu Liang Support Role
Xie Xing Yang Support Role
Liu Yu Hang Support Role
Li Jing Xiu Support Role
Tian Xi Wei Main Role
Li Ying Ying Main Role
Marcus Li Main Role
You Hao Ran Main Role
Li Ming Yuan Main Role