Lying Heart (2017)

Jai Luang, ใจลวง

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episode 26

7.7 1780 10 0


Raveet and Pring are cousins, however, Pring is envious of Raveet because Raveet has everything. Due to their jealousy, they try to take away everything good in Raveet's life. Raveet blames them for her mother leaving. Thaywa is a single father with a daughter, Tawan. He fell in love at first sight with Raveet however, Raveet believes that he is an irresponsible father and a player, Da, Thaywa's sister, hates Raveet andblamed her for the death of her husband, Prasin. She wants Raveet to suffer for this. Thaywa is torn between his sister and the one he loves.


Mcfadden Kitkasem Support Role
Pichitra Nahathai Support Role
Singlampong Witawat Prasin Support Role
Sriwanna Gaewalin Raveepriya Main Role
Danbawornkiat Jira Thaywa Main Role
Chaowalit Pitchaya Pring Main Role
Hiranpruk Puri Wemann/Yemann Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand