Mao Ya Ya's Marriage (2014)

Mao Yaya was married in mind, Mao Ya Ya Bei Hun Ji, Mao Yaya Was Married, Mao Ya Ya's Marriage Diary, The Best Encounter, The Best Meeting, Zui Hao De Yu Jian, 最好的遇見

Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 40

7.4 1556 10 0


Mao Ya Ya has a hereditary disease which makes her unable to live past 40 years old. Her mother hid this genetic disease and hurries her to get married. However, during the marriage ceremony, Mao Ya Ya's fiance suddenly backs out and turns her life around.


Ma Tian Yu Xiang Hui Support Role
Tien Niu Xue Dong Na Support Role
Ming Dao Liu Huo Main Role
Ying Er Mao Ya Ya Main Role