Marn Kammathep (2013)

Cupid Satan, Devil of Love, Devil Cupid, มารกามเทพ

Drama , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 18

7.4 813 10 0


Petch is an engineer that Namneung fell in love with when she was still in high school. She is very happy when Petch tells her that he loves her and asks her to marry him, but Namneung's father Kriengsak and mother Daranee don't agree because they have a different social status. Namneung's friend Phak secretly loves her and does not pay attention to other women, even if Alice was the one wholoved him. Even though Numneung's parents don't agree, they get married and Petch takes Namneung to his house. There, Namneung meets Petch's mother Taptim and Petch's sister Ploy. They seem unfriendly and cold to her, especially Ploy, who looks as if she hated Namneung from the first second they meet because she is disabled due to an accident caused by Namneung's father. This seems to be a part of a revenge.


Boonyakiat Passorn Support Role
Nimakorn Kotchakorn Support Role
Fuklin Panthila Support Role
Thanwisit Siangwaan Nath Support Role
Yuktadatta Sireeporn Alice Support Role
Phawaphutanon Aphiradi Thabthim Support Role
Saengchaipiangpen Monchanok Namneung Main Role
Kulrattanarak Nawat Petch Main Role