Marriage Not Dating (2014)

Not Dating, Marriage, Anticipate Marriage, Gyeolhoneul Gidaehae, Marriage Without Love, Marriage Without Dating, 연애 말고 결혼

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 16

7.8 3856 10 0


Wealthy plastic surgeon Gong Ki Tae is a successful and happy bachelor who does not want to find himself a wife. He believes that his life is perfectly planned, and being single is the only option he accept. However, his family is badgering him to marry. In an effort to get his parents off his back about the constant string of blind dates and marriage prospects, Ki Tae purposely brings Joo Jang Mi home to meet his parents posing as his girlfriend, certain that they'll never approve of her.


Han Groo Joo Jang Mi Main Role
Yeon Woo Jin Gong Ki Tae Main Role
Jung Jin Woon Han Yeo Reum Main Role
Han Sun Hwa Kang Se Ah Main Role
Bae Gun Woo Chef Uhm Supporting Role
Yoon So Hee Nam Hyun Hee Supporting Role
Park Jun Gyu Joo Kyung Pyo [Jang Mi's father] Supporting Role
Im Ye Jin Na So Nyeo [Jang Mi's mother] Supporting Role
Kim Young Ok Noh Jum Soon [Ki Tae's grandmother] Supporting Role
Heo Jung Min Lee Hoon Dong Supporting Role
Kim Gab Soo Gong Soo Hwan [Ki Tae's father] Supporting Role
Kim Hae Sook Shin Bong Hyang [Ki Tae's mother] Supporting Role
Heo Jae Ho Uhm Dae Shik Supporting Role
Park Hee Jin Gong Mi Jung [Ki Tae's aunt] Supporting Role
Lee Bo Hee [Hoon Dong's mother] Supporting Role
Lee Yeon Kyung Supporting Role
Nam Ji Hyun [Ki Tae's blind date] Guest Role
Ahn Hae Sook [Wife of college executive director] Guest Role
Choi Dae Chul [Hoon Dong's friend] Guest Role
Kim Ha Yoo Joo Jang Mi [Child] Guest Role
Kang Julien Richard Bernstein Guest Role
Lee Han Wi [Judge] Guest Role
Go Kyu Pil (Ep.13) Guest Role