Mashin Sentai Kiramager (2020)


Drama , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Tokusatsu , Japanese | Episodes 10+

7.6 188 10 0


A princess from a land of jewelry and KiramaStones comes to Earth in search of people with a “shining spirit” called Kiramental, a source of outstanding charm and talent. She seeks them out to make them into warriors to defend Earth from an evil army. Five are chosen by the KiramaStones, which transform into sentient vehicle companions known as Mashins. Using these powers, they fight the evil army bent on robbing people of their hope and radiance.


Kosaka Daimao Hakataminami Muryou Support Role
Nakamura Yuichi Garza [Voice] Support Role
Suzumura Kenichi Mashin Fire [Voice] Support Role
Okawa Genki Mashin Jetter [Voice] Support Role
Tomokazu Sugita King Oradin [Voice] Support Role
Komiya Rio Juru Atsuta / Kirama Red Main Role
Kihara Rui Tametomo Imizu / Kirama Yellow Main Role
Shinjo Yume Sena Hayami / Kirama Green Main Role
Mizuishi Atomu Shiguru Oshikiri / Kirama Blue Main Role
Kudo Mio Sayo Oharu / Kirama Pink Main Role
Yamaguchi Kyohei Unknown Role
Naruhisa Arakawa Unknown Role