Meet Me @ 1006 (2018)

Meet Me at 1006, 1006的房客

Drama , Law , Mystery , Romance , Supernatural , Taiwan | Episodes 26

7.7 852 10 0


Zhen Yu Ke is a lawyer. Suave, handsome and successful, he has never lost a case. Until now. When he loses one of his most high-profile cases, Zhen Yu Ke’s career sinks. After losing everything, the lawyer moves into a mysterious, low-budget apartment. There, he meets a new kind of roommate. Jia Le Cheng is a reporter. She lives in the same apartment as Zhen Yu Ke and meets him every dayat 10:06pm. Except they don’t even live in the same realm. The two are meeting through some kind of supernatural portal, and they have no clue what to do. Zhen Yu Ke and Jia Le Cheng soon realize something is very wrong, and the only way to fix it is to work together. To do that, however, they must keep meeting at 10:06.


Huang Tender Wu Han Wen Support Role
Yang William Zhang De Pei Support Role
Han Greg Zhou Da Jun Support Role
Hsieh Aggie Wu Ji Rou Support Role
Liu Juno Xiao Man Man Support Role
Liu Esther Li Shu Zhen Support Role
Kuo Ryan Jiang Cheng Hao Support Role
Lee Lego Ke Zhen Yu Main Role
Hsieh Nikki Cheng Jia Le Main Role
Hsieh Ken Mu Si Ming Main Role
Lin Shara Chen Fan Guest Role
Fang Aiko Luo Xiao Wei Guest Role
Gu Samuel Shen Luo Wei Guest Role
Lai Megan Chen Yu Fang Guest Role