Midnight Food Store (2017)

Shen Ye Shi Tang; Midnight Food Store; Midnight Diner; Late Night Restaurant; Late Night Cafeteria, 深夜食堂

Drama , Drama , Food , Romance , Chinese | Epispdes 36

7.7 419 10 0


The story follows a mysterious chef and his late night diner open from midnight to dawn, featuring ordinary stories from his patrons every night as they chatter and eat the one requested dish.


Huang Lei Master Main Role
Tsou Jason Jiang Ming Supporting Role
Wu Xin Elizabeth Supporting Role
Ren Lorene Supporting Role
Tien Niu A Lian Supporting Role
Zhang Rui Han Cai you Fang Guest Role
Chen Yedda Luo Jia Jia Guest Role
Xu Kai Cheng Cai Zhi Yong Guest Role
Jiang A-Joe A Sheng Guest Role
Shi Shi Yu Mei Guest Role
Chang Janine Sun Ke Wei Guest Role
Ma Su Xiao Yue Guest Role
Liang Jing Cui Fang Guest Role
Wei Shawn Jiang Da Shan Guest Role
Jia Marc Wei Ran Guest Role
Sui Yong Liang Sun Shang Guest Role
Chao Mark Ma Ke Guest Role
Kan Adi Zhang Xiao Qing Guest Role
Qian Yong Chen A Zhang Guest Role
Hu Bing Qing Xi Xi Guest Role
Xu Jiao Qi Qi Guest Role
Qi Stephy Ai Zhen Guest Role
Wang Xun Wang Yong Hao Guest Role
Zhang Wen Xiao Rong Guest Role
Chin Shih Chieh Dr. Su Guest Role
Ye Julia Ming Ming Guest Role
Liu Hao Ran Xiao Yang [Powerful Music Producer] Guest Role
Kuo Ryan Guest Role
Hai Qing Hai Fen Guest Role
He Jiong Gao Jian Ling Guest Role
Chen Ivy Xiao Mei Guest Role
Xiu Jie Kai Liang Hao Shi Guest Role
Yang Cheryl Yi Fo Guest Role
Ren Richie Gao Yuan Guest Role
Ying Cherrie Xiao Quan Guest Role
Yao An Lian Uncle Xiao Shou Unknown Role
Jiang Xue Ming A Xian Unknown Role
Yang Yi Tong Ma Ling Ling Unknown Role

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Drama , Drama , Food , Romance , Chinese