Miki Kurinikku de Kanpai o (2019)


Drama , Medical , Mystery , Japanese | Episodes 32

7.5 68 10 0



A surgeon's 98th Katsumi who worked in a medical accident and lost its place, decided to work at the "Shinjo Clinic" with the acquaintance's advice. There, including the director Shoichiro Kamiya, although the arm stands, the doctors of the songwriter were doing treatment of VIP without being known to the public.
While being swayed by them, they are getting used to a new workplace. But the Shinjo Clinic has a back face that he does not know.
What is "work" that Katsumi contracts with a secret clinic?!? Medical entertainment mystery which physicians who are too unique presents!


Ando Masanobu Main Role
Miura Takahiro Main Role