Miman Keisatsu: Midnight Runner (2020)

未満警察 ミッドナイトランナー

Drama , Action , Comedy , Crime , Drama , Friendship , Thriller , Japanese | Episodes 10+

8.1 136 10 0


Honma Kai and Ichinose Jiro are cadets at the police academy. Honma is the intellectual type who places emphasis on theory. A serious A-student born with excellent memory, he developed analytical skills at the academy and his skills at profiling began to blossom. He might seem like he does not care but he will not give up on people in need. On the other hand, Ichinose is the emotional and physical type. He is a fearless fighter whom even people with martial arts experience will dodge because of his boundless physical strength. Although his somewhat goofy way of speaking and thinking confuses the people around him, he is an honest, kind-hearted guy who will be the first to help when anyone who is in trouble. What the two of them lack practical experience, they make up with the knowledge obtained through lessons at the academy as well as their youth and enthusiasm. They become the best buddies who make up for each other’s deficiencies. 


Harada Taizo Support Role
Nakamura Yuri Support Role
Shono Hayama Support Role
Kichise Michiko Support Role
Ohata Shieri Support Role
Iseya Yusuke Support Role
Takeuchi Aisa Support Role
Denya Erika Support Role
Kodaira Daichi Support Role
Hirano Sho Main Role
Nakajima Kento Main Role
Kataoka Reiko Guest Role
Tonesaku Toshihide Guest Role
Kato Masaya Guest Role
Maki Yoko Guest Role
Suzuki Rio Guest Role
Kamishiraishi Mone Guest Role
Watanabe Yusuke Unknown Role
Seiichi Nagumo Unknown Role
Naganuma Makoto Unknown Role
Otani Taro Unknown Role