Miss Culinary (2019)

Drama , Comedy , Food , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 13

7.6 145 10 0


"Miss Culinary" reveals the brilliance of a young man who tries to keep his girlfriend by telling delicious stories of his mother's recipes to win his girlfriend's heart back. With the story of his mother's life being sour, sweet, salty, spicy, it tells of a girl who ran away from her hometown in Uthai Thani province to face life in Bangkok in the 70s in order to fulfill her dream of being a chef at a 5-star hotel, along with love


Mokjok Jaturong Support Role
Wongphudee Panadda Madam Saiyud Support Role
Thanabordee Jaiyen Chen Support Role
Paweena Charivsakul [Taew's mother] Support Role
Peter Maiocchi Support Role
Netjui Chonnikan Kelly Support Role
Termthanaporn Wanida Taew Main Role
Young Jason Pon Main Role