Miss Jikocho (2019)
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  • Release: 2019
  • Broadcast network: NHK

Miss Jikocho (2019)

Miss Zicocho – Survey File of Genius and Professor Tenno, Miss Jikocho – Survey File of Genius and Professor Tenno, ミス・ジコチョー〜天才・天ノ教授の調査ファイル〜

Drama , Comedy , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.6 165 10 0


Manako Amano is a professor of engineering at a leading university, and has been studying “failure studies”. Rather than pursuing the responsibility for failure, it is a study that helps to prevent and recurrence by investigating the direct causes and the background and social causes. The various accidents that occur every day are always a failure, and accident investigation is the best fieldwork of Manako. Their activities go beyond engineering and spread with curiosity, such as corporate fraud and medical accidents. Personality is self-paced, selfish. He loves failure with the belief that “growth / progress will always be accompanied by failure” and frustrates the other party in order to shine his eyes on the failure story. However, the genius with a built-in failure database of east and west in the brain, Manako reaches the truth of the accident today!


Sudo Risa Support Role
Horii Arata Support Role
Takahashi Maryjun Support Role
Yo Kimiko Support Role
Matsuyuki Yasuko Main Role
Yatsu Hiroyuki Unknown Role
Tokuo Koji Unknown Role