Mom Has an Affair (2020)

엄마가 바람났다

Drama , Drama , Family , Romance , Korean | Episodes 120

7.8 1532 10 0


Desperate times call for desperate measures and for one mom, that means bagging a rich man to make her kids happy. Pil Jeong is a single, divorced mom of two who swore that she’ll never get married again. Her children, on the other hand, have other plans in store. They beg her to find and marry a rich man as a means of securing their family’s future and a hilarious family expansion project ensues.


Kim Young Hoon Support Role
Seo Hyun Suk Support Role
Yang Geum Suk Support Role
Nam Yi An Support Role
Kim Ha Kyoon Support Role
Hong Suk Bin Support Role
Cha Seung Woo Support Role
Park Ji Soo Support Role
Go In Bum Support Role
Kim Hyung Bum Main Role
Moon Bo Ryung Main Role
Hyun Jyu Ni Main Role
Lee Jae Hwang Main Role
Kang Seo Joon Guest Role
Ahn Seo Jung Unknown Role
Ko Heung Sik Unknown Role