My Hero Series: Spell of the Swan Mark (2018)

My Hero วีรบุรุษสุดที่รัก - มนตราลายหงส์

Drama , Drama , Friendship , Mystery , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 7

7.2 140 10 0


Patsakorn's father was a dance teacher and the owner of a school for poor children. When Patsakorn was very young, his father died. He was raised by a rich family who adopted him ever since. Patsakorn inherited his father's talent and decided to open a dance school. But on the opening day there was an explosion and as a result, his adoptive parents and sister died. Patsakorn blames himself for their deaths and falls into depression. Waenploy, a younger girl who's a former student of his father, tries to support him. She loves and respects him ever since she was a child but he only sees her as sister, and he has a lover already. But Waenploy is ready to stand beside him and help him realize his father's dream. 


Chatchawan Petchvisit Support Role
Seneetunti Wiragarn Support Role
Sapunpohng Anuchit Support Role
Munyadon Kanokchat Support Role
Fuengarom Chalet Support Role
Supranee Jayrinpon Guest Role
Chatborirak Pakorn Guest Role
Jarujinda Danai Guest Role
Sukol Sasijulaka Guest Role
Scott Louis Guest Role
Jaron Sorat Guest Role
Plengpanit Sinjai Guest Role