My Hero Series: The Forest's Wind Binding Love (2018)

My Hero วีรบุรุษสุดที่รัก - ลมไพรผูกรัก

Drama , Drama , Thailand | Episodes 7

7.9 148 10 0


Itsara is an officer in the agency of water resources management. Because of his duties, he had to part with his lover and go on his mission. She misunderstands that he doesn't love her so she tries to forget him. After several years seperated, they meet again. Old feelings resurface and he tries to hold on to her, but he has to stay away because of his mission. What will win in the end, a sense of duty or love? 


Tui Kiatkamol Lata Support Role
Ronnadet Wongsaroj Support Role
Sara Nalin Hohler Support Role
King Konbai Support Role
Palm Supachai Suwanon Support Role
Phuchong Yothapitak Support Role
Posayanon Tanakorn Support Role
Sorawit Suboon Support Role
Jaron Sorat Main Role
Krit Atthaseri Guest Role
Chatborirak Pakorn Guest Role
Umarin Wiyada Guest Role
Scott Louis Guest Role
Patsachon Soopree Guest Role
Atthaseri Klot Guest Role
Plengpanit Sinjai Guest Role
Pranpramoon Unknown Role