My Hero Series: Under the Bird’s Wings (2018)

My Hero วีรบุรุษสุดที่รัก - ใต้ปีกปักษา

Drama , Action , Drama , Romance , Supernatural , Thailand | Episodes 8

7.6 101 10 0


Akin is a pilot. He decided to take a day off, so Sarisa's father went to work instead of him. But an accident happened and as a result, her father died. Sarisa blamed Akin for his death, while he's tormented by a sense of guilt and tries to do good things for her. However, things get more complicated as Akin falls in love with Sarisa and she still hates him. How is he going to win her heart when she swears she will never forgive him?


Suksawat Krissie Support Role
Toongkamanee Duangta Support Role
Worawut Niyomsup Support Role
Natwara Wongwasana Support Role
Sripen Rinlanee Support Role
Wilaisak Phitsamai Support Role
David Asavanond Support Role
Phollawat Manuprasert Support Role
Scott Louis Main Role
Chatborirak Pakorn Guest Role
Jaron Sorat Guest Role
Preediyanon Sirin Guest Role
Ohm Kanin Stanley Guest Role
Plengpanit Sinjai Guest Role