My Mr. Mermaid (2017)

Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo, 浪花一朵朵

Drama , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Sports , Chinese | Episodes 36

7.9 3098 10 0


Yun Duo, a trainee reporter at Sports Weekly, was assigned to interview at a swimming competition, but she has a phobia of water since she almost drowned previously. During the interview process, she accidentally fell into the swim lane, where the unfavored swimmer Tang Yi Bai luckily saved her. In order to repay the favor, Yun Duo helped out-talk the reporters circling Yi Bai. Since then, the two formed an indissoluble bond. Yi Bai's surprising performance at the competition earned him a lot of attention from the media, and his previous doping rumor was dug up. Yun Duo was the only person outside the swimming field who believe in his innocence. Slowly, Yun Duo and Yi Bai became friends. Coincidentally, Yun Duo's new rented room was in Yi Bai's house, and the awkward yet interesting days began. The easy days did not last forever, and Sports Weekly hired a new employee by the name of Lin Zi, who vowed to make Yi Bai never return to the swimming stadium since he believes that Yi Bai was the reason for his younger sister Lin Sang's accident. In the midst of the brewing trouble, Yi Bai challenged his enemy Ouyang Heng to the most important competition in the career of a sprint swimmer. But while trying to courageously stop a criminal, Yi Bai was injured and was likely to miss out on the competition. Yun Duo accompanied Yi Bai in his recovery, encouraging him to not give up on winning. After many investigations, the two found the root of Lin Zi's hate. While Lin Zi insisted that his vengeance was an act of justice, Yun Duo believed that Yi Bai was innocent and promised to him that she'll never betray or leave him. What was the truth behind this incident? Will Yi Bai be able to recover and defeat Ouyang Heng? After Lin Sang awakes from her coma, what kinds of barriers will she create in Yun Duo and Yi Bai's relationship? ~~ Based on the novel Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo by Jiu Xiao Qi.


Tan Song Yun Yun Duo Main Role
Xiong Dylan Tang Yi Bai Main Role
Cao Xi Yue Cheng Mei Supporting Role
Huang Sheng Chi Qi Rui Feng Supporting Role
Wang Zi Xuan Xiang Yang Yang Supporting Role
Peng Yu Chang Ming Tian Supporting Role
Ma Kui Zheng Ling Ye Supporting Role

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Drama , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Sports , Chinese