My Only Love Song (2017)

Mai Onri Leobeusong, 마이 온리 러브송

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Historical , Romance , Korean | Episodes 20

7.7 1952 10 0


Song Soo-Jung is a top star and she is very arrogant. She classifies people by how much money they have. Suddenly, she goes back in time to the Joseon era and meets On Dal (Lee Jong-Hyun). He will do anything to make money, but in fact he is generous to the weak and poor.


Gong Seung Yeon Song Soo Jeong Main Role
Lee Jong Hyun On Dal Main Role
Park Joo Hyung Go Il Yong Supporting Role
Lee Chul Min [Movie Director / Magistrate] Supporting Role
Kim Chae Eun Mi Jin / Hwa Hong Supporting Role
Ahn Bo Hyun Moo Myeong Supporting Role
Lee Jae Jin Byeon Sam Yong Supporting Role
Kim Jung Seok [Government official] Supporting Role
Kim Yeon Seo Princess Pyung Gang Supporting Role
Choi Jong Hoon Bong Soo Hyuk Guest Role