My Romantic Some Recipe (2016)

마이로맨 썸 레시피

Drama , Drama , Fantasy , Food , Romance , Korean | Episodes 6

7.3 142 10 0


A 21-year old college student has a one-sided love for a restaurant customer. Then after getting drunk one evening she takes a stand-up poster of her idol. From that advertisement he magically emerges to help her...teach her how to charm the other guy, to cook, to ride a bike, to take better care of herself. Then as suddenly as he arrives, he disappears. 


Ahn Ji Hoon Support Role
Lee Soo Bin Support Role
Joo Da Young Main Role
Cha Eun Woo Main Role
Rocky Guest Role
MJ Guest Role
Yoon San Ha Guest Role
Jin Jin Guest Role
Moon Bin Guest Role