My Story for You (2018)

为了你, Love the Whole World, For You, I Will Love the World, 为了你,我愿意热爱整个世界

Drama , Life , Romance , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 48

7.6 1396 10 0


To court her, he wrote 137 love letters in a year, exceeding 1 million Chinese characters. To guard her, he created 16 novels with more than 40 million words, working a wonder of internet literature. This is the love story that unfolded for 16 years already between Tang Jian Shao and his wife. ~~ Adapted from the novel with the same title written by Tang Jian Shao (who also wrote the novel "Douluo dalu").


Pang Han Chen Han Dong Support Role
Li Yi Yi Xiao Ai Support Role
Yang Jin Cheng Wei Xiao Shan Support Role
Luo Gang Zhang Xiao Chun [Zhang Chang Gong's father] Support Role
Jin Vernon Li Song Support Role
Mo Bao Fei Bao Screenwriter
Zhang Yi Shang Zhang Yao Yao [Zhang Chang Gong's sister] Support Role
Qin Yi Ming Liu Ming Tao Support Role
Kong Lin Du Juan [Zhang Chang Gong's mother] Support Role
Du Zhi Guo Mu Zi's Grandfather Support Role
Luo Jin Zhang Chang Gong Main Role
Huang Johnny Zhang Gong Wei [Son of Light] Main Role
Zheng Shuang Li Mu Zi Main Role

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Drama , Life , Romance , Youth , Chinese