Naked Fireman (2017)

Maenmomui Sobanggwan, Fireman, 맨몸의 소방관

Drama , Drama , Investigation , Mystery , Romance , Supernatural , Korean | Episodes 4

7.4 1340 10 0


Kang Chul Soo is an enthusiastic fireman who poses as a nude model to make money for his sick friend. He is then targeted as the criminal of an arson-murder case that took place 10 years and, together with mysterious heiress Han Jin Ah, he tries to find the real culprit.


Jung In Sun Han Jin Ah Main Role
Lee Joon Hyuk Kang Chul Soo Main Role
Kil Hae Yeon Jung Soon Supporting Role
Lee Do Gyeom Joon Ho Supporting Role
Seo Jung Yeon Han Song Ja Supporting Role
Ahn Do Kyu Chul Soo [Young] Supporting Role
Park Ji Hoon Dae Yeong Supporting Role
Lee Won Jong Jang Gwang Ho Supporting Role
Kim Ji Hoon Nam Il Supporting Role
Lee Doo Suk Seung Jae Supporting Role
Jo Hee Bong Kwon Jung Nam Supporting Role
Ryu Ui Hyun Oh Sung Jin [Young] Supporting Role
Park Hoon Oh Sung Jin Supporting Role
Han Kap Soo Guest Role
Kim Gwang Seop Guest Role
Lee Young Eun Han Jin Ah [Young] Guest Role
Kim Seung Hwan Guest Role
Oh Soon Tae Guest Role