Nang Eye (2016)

Nang Ai, Nang Ay, นางอาย

Drama , Comedy , Romance , School , Youth , Thailand | Episodes 15

7.6 1804 10 0


Seventeen-year-old Apiradee Anothai, nicknamed Nang, is send away to Penang, Malaysia, to attend to an all-girls convent boarding school called Victoria. She is to learn about manners and how to be a lady by the nuns. Her father, who is a minister, wanted this for her because news came out on the front page that Nang is fighting over a man. With the news, her father didn’t trust her and sends her off to boarding school. In Penang, Nang meets the handsome and strict Thai consul Thanatip whose job is to make sure of the well-being of all the Thai students at the school. He does remind Nang to follow the rules of the school, for he's the type of person who likes for the student to be well behave and follow all rule, but Nang's is about to change all that.


Teansuwan Krunnapol Supporting Role
Springett Carissa Saisuda Supporting Role
Jitpanu Klomkaew Unknown Role