Nang Sao Mai Jam Kad Nam Sakul (2018)

Miss Unlimited Surname, นางสาวไม่จำกัดนามสกุล

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 28

7.7 1277 10 0


Riam is a 24 year old nerdy woman who's neven been in a relationship, so she decides to change herself into multiple personalities in order to find the right guy for her. Her friend, Nokweed, is her helper. First, she falls for her boss and becomes a high class lady for him but it doesn't work. Then, she changes herself into a chick girl for a player but it doesn't last. Afterthat, she becomes a Bohemian girl due to her crush on an artist but it's not good for her. Finally, she realizes that the boy next door is her pefect match. 


Pichaya Golf Pakorn Support Role
Lummakanon Jintanutda Malin Support Role
Sirikul Penpak [Pakorn's mother] Support Role
Chatkaew Susiwa Director
Atthaseri Klot [Riam's father] Support Role
Pindum Vichuda [Riam's mother] Support Role
Horne Davika Riam Main Role
Dhanasevi Chantavit Ongsa Main Role