Narkee (2016)

Queen of Nagas, Nakee, นาคี

Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Supernatural , Thailand | Episodes 11

7.6 1228 10 0


Kumkaew a beautiful girl of Baan Dorn Mai who have mystery birth. Nobody knows that she have supernatural power even herself. Tossapol an archaeology student who unexpectedly see the statue of Nagee, and he enchant Nagee goddess. He can't withdraw from her, and leave everything for love and living beside her, but his love has many obstructions. Mor Auam, Yaem a village head man, Boonsong, Kor, Muengin, and many who see the power of Nagee.


Temeeruk Nataporn Kumkaew Main Role
Oonhanun Kriengkrai Thosapol's father Supporting Role
Posayanon Tanakorn Supporting Role
Ruekthamrong Sakrat Supporting Role
Wattanawongsiri Lakana LumJiag Supporting Role
Janeaksorn Montri Supporting Role
Ratchakrome Gosin Guest Role
Jarujinda Danai Guest Role
Ngamsan Chartchai Guest Role
Pongpanu Phupoom Thosapol Unknown Role



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