National Children (2019)


Drama , Drama , Chinese | Episodes 40

7.9 46 10 0


In 1960, due to natural disasters, 3,000 southern orphans were sent to the Inner Mongolian grasslands and adopted by Mongolian adoptive parents who loved Xinjiang. His brother, Chaolu, his sister, Tonglu, and Bi Ruoshui and Attenu, who are similar in age to their brothers and sisters, have different personalities, some are bold, some are savvy, some are gentle, they are adopted by different families. With different life fates, more than 50 years of life experience, some of them become wealthy businessmen, some become government officials who are prairie grassland, some have a heartfelt hospitality to save people, others have experienced The iron rice bowl went to the laid-off and then the employment, but they all took roots on the grassland, and they were worthy of the raising of their parents, and they were worthy of their own lives.


Lu Yong Support Role
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