National Treasure’s Extraordinary Journey (2018)


Drama , Historical , Suspense , Chinese | Episodes 42

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This drama tells of real happenings after the “Mukden Incident” on September 18, 1931. Due to the Japanese invasion in the North, Kuomintang officer Ren Hong Yi , curator and conservator Zhou Ruo Si , who works at the Palace Museum, and others take the treasures from the Forbidden City and travel to the South on a mission to protect China’s cultural roots. “As long as the cultural roots are there, China won’t die.” (Source: ~~ Adapted from the novel Bearing the Weight (Trilogy of the Forbidden City Part 2) by Zhang Jian Hua.


Zhang Rui Han Support Role
Yuan Mabel Zhou Ruo Si Main Role
Liu Ye Ren Hong Yi Main Role

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Drama , Historical , Suspense , Chinese