Nezha and Yang Jian (2017)
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  • Release: 2017
  • Broadcast network: TVB

Nezha and Yang Jian (2017)


Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Historical , HK | Episodes 40

7.6 524 10 0


Chen Tong Guanjun Li Jing wife pregnant three years, but gave birth to a shaped meatball, from which a handsome young boy jumped out. Li Jing that demon want to beheaded, his wife stopped, to the juvenile named us. Everyone has a variety of abilities, by the people around as monsters, discriminated against. Troubled Li Jing to the East China Sea sent to the Qingxiang other homes, here is the Dragon King opened a special school, where there are from all sides of the arts and craftsmen of the juvenile and weird old man Jiang Ziya. One day and his friends in the sea to save the siren catch up with the girl Daji, immediately become friends. But did not expect Daji was sealed with demon king Jin Chan bite soul jade nine tail fox possessed, in order to improve the skill to absorb people's soul, she killed by Zhou Zhou innocent innocence, us and friends to find the original kindness Of Daji sister and meet new adventures and challenges.


Gao Yun Xiang Main Role
Wong Cho Lam Main Role
Chung Linda Main Role
Ying Er Main Role