Night Light (2016)

Boolyaseong, Illumination, 불야성

Drama , Melodrama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 20

7.7 1010 10 0


Drama depicts the intense and fierce fight among three greedy individuals, in order to become the owner of most splendid light sources for the city that never sleeps: money and power. Seo Yi Kyung is a ruthless and sharp businesswoman, who is willing to do anything for her ambitions. Park Gun Woo is an heir to a big company who got betrayed by his love, Yi Kyung, 12 years ago. Lee Se Jin is a hired persona who gets attracted to Yi Kyung's aura and wants to be like her.


Lee Yo Won Seo Yi Kyung Main Role
Jin Goo Park Gun Woo Main Role
Uee Lee Se Jin Main Role
Jung Hae In Tak [Yi Kyung's bodyguard] Supporting Role
Song Young Kyu Nam Jong Kyu Supporting Role
Jun Gook Hwan Son Ui Sung Supporting Role
Jung Han Yong Park Moo Il Supporting Role
Lee Jae Yong Park Moo Sam Supporting Role
Lee Ho Jung Son Ma Ri Supporting Role
Shim Yi Young Writer Kim Supporting Role
Choi Min Jo Sung Mok Supporting Role
Park Seon Woo Son Ki Tae Supporting Role
Jung Dong Hwan Jang Tae Joon Supporting Role
Kim Go Eun Shin Song Mi Supporting Role
Choi Min Jo Sung Mok Supporting Role
Nam Ki Ae Moon Hee Jung Supporting Role
Yoon Bok In Kim Hwa Sook Supporting Role
Cha Soon Hyung Guest Role
Kim Kang Hyun Kim Hyeong Sook (Ep.1) Guest Role
Oh Jung Se Unknown Role

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Drama , Melodrama , Romance , Korean