Noble, My Love (2015)

The Noble You, Gogyeolhan Geudae, 고결한 그대

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Korean | Episodes 20

7.9 7729 10 0


Kang Hoon is a CEO of world's largest company D.O.L's Korean branch. One day, he is kidnapped and dramatically escapes from the bad guys but he bleeds so much that he blackouts in front of one animal hospital. Yoon Seo, a veterinarian, finds him and cures him.


Kim Jae Kyung Cha Yoon Seo Main Role
Sung Hoon Lee Kang Hoon Main Role
Lee Seung Yeon Heo Jin Kyeong Supporting Role
Park Eun Seok Woo Sang Hyeon Supporting Role
Kim Dong Seok Lee Kang Joon Supporting Role
Park Shin Woon Head of a department Kang Supporting Role