Nobody Knows (2020)

Amudo Moleunda, No One Knows, Amoodo Moreunda, 아무도 모른다

Drama , Detective , Drama , Investigation , Mystery , Korean | Episodes 16

8.7 5457 10 0


Cha Young Jin (Kim Seo Hyung) is a detective. She lost her friend 19 years ago to a serial killer. Cha Young Jin still carries guilt and trauma over the death of her friend. The serial killer case then begins again after 19 years. Cha Young Jin chases after the killer.


Kim Shi Eun Choi Soo Jung Support Role
Baek Soo Jang Park Jin Soo [Seoul oolice department] Support Role
Park Min Jung Support Role
Park Chul Min Han Geun Man [Seoul oolice department] Support Role
Jang Young Nam Jung So Yun [Eun Ho’s mother] Support Role
Moon Seung Geun Hwang In Beom [Seoul oolice department] Support Role
Jo Han Chul Yoon Hee Sub [Shinsung Middle High School] Support Role
Yoon Chan Young Joo Dong Myung [Shinsung Middle High School] Support Role
Seo Young Joo Kim Tae Hyung Support Role
Jun Suk Chan Kim Byung Hee [Seoul oolice department] Support Role
Lee Seung Yeon Support Role
Tae Won Seok Support Role
Min Jin Woong Lee Jae Hong [Seoul oolice department] Support Role
Kwon Hae Hyo Jang Gi Ho [New Life Church] Support Role
Seoha Yoon Ja Young [Seoul oolice department] Support Role
Shin Jae Hwi Oh Du Suk Support Role
Ahn Mi Na Lee Sun Kyung Support Role
Ryu Deok Hwan Lee Sun Woo Main Role
Kim Seo Hyung Cha Young Jin Main Role
Park Hoon Baek Sang Ho Main Role
Ahn Ji Ho Go Eun Ho Main Role
Kim Sae Ron Cha Young Jin [Young] Guest Role
Lee Jung Heum Unknown Role
Kim Eun Hyang Unknown Role

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Drama , Detective , Drama , Investigation , Mystery , Korean

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