Nothing Gold Can Stay (2017)


Drama , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 75

7.7 5249 10 0


Zhou Ying is sold to the powerful Shen family by her foster father, yet successfully escapes by sneaking into merchant Wu Ping’s palanquin. The Wu family agreed to take her in after witnessing her remarkable business acumen. Shen Xingyi, the pampered young master of the Shen family will end up falling in love with Zhou Ying.


Sun Betty Zhou Ying Main Role
Chen Xiao Shen Xingyi Main Role
Ho Peter Wu Ping Supporting Role
Li Jie Supporting Role
Yu Hao Ming Supporting Role
Zhong Ren Zhao Bai Shi Supporting Role
Yu Zhan Jiang Wu Yu Sheng Supporting Role
Chow Niki Qian Hong Supporting Role
Wu Myolie Supporting Role
Tan Xi He Unknown Role
Li Jie Unknown Role
Tang Qun Unknown Role

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Drama , Historical , Romance , Chinese