Oh My General (2017)


Drama , Historical , Military , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 60

7.9 4192 10 0


The drama tells of the peculiar love story between a stoic and strong female general Ye Zhao, and a good-for-nothing but gorgeous prince Zhao Yu Jin, after they were betrothed to each other by the empress dowager. ~~ Adapted from the novel 将军在上我在下 by 橘花散里.


Pan Sookie Qiu Shui Support Role
Jin Li Ting Hong Qiang Support Role
Chou Shuo Kang Xiao Ma Que Support Role
Wang Zi Xuan Qiu Hua Support Role
Zhu Yong Teng Qi Wang Support Role
Xiao Jenny Zhang Gui Fei Support Role
Yu Bo Fan Zhong Yan Support Role
Ma Sandra Ye Zhao Main Role
Wang Chu Ran Liu Xi Yin Main Role
Sheng Peter Zhao Yu Jin Main Role

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Drama , Historical , Military , Romance , Chinese