OMG, Your Honour (2018)

It's Like This, Your Honour, 是咁的,法官閣下

Drama , Action , Comedy , Detective , Fantasy , HK | Episodes 20

7.7 660 10 0


Speaking of the drama "Yes, the Judge of the Judge", the selling point of the film was the first TV series that was the first female TV star Wang Junxin. The selling point is that one of the characters in this drama is the wheat that was once in the law department. Ming poetry, and until a few days ago, the trailer came out, Xiaobian once again found another selling point, is the female and female kissing shot between Wang Junxin and Zhuang Siming.


Lee Joseph Support Role
Wong Jonathan Support Role
Lam Mandy Support Role
Chak Tyson Support Role
Leung Oscar Support Role
Ngai Nathan Support Role
Lam Kirby Support Role
Wong Hugo Main Role
Mak Louisa Main Role
Kwan Eddie Main Role
Wong Grace Main Role
Wong Ben Main Role

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Drama , Action , Comedy , Detective , Fantasy , HK