Omoshiro Nankyoku Ryorinin (2019)


Drama , Friendship , Sports , Japanese | Episode 20

7.8 23 10 0


This story is the story of seven "Antarctic observation corps" of the 38th unit. Three of the seven are researchers. The latter four are setup members (support staff). But in the end it is just seven o'jisans.
Such seven Ogasan lives together for a year at a narrow dome base.
Speaking of pleasure at this dome base is only when people eat delicious food.
Other than that, there is little fun. There are severeness, harshness, breathlessness, stress, anxiety, tension. Although it is an extreme situation, unless there is a place to escape, there is no one other than the crew members to rely on.
Such situation, it is only comical if it is seen from the outside of the mosquito net.
Although incidents which can not be thought occur in Japan, at last, seven people will become one again by eating the delicious dish of the hero Nishimura men. It's really dull, cool, but stupid,
It is an unpredictable comedy drama of seven O'Sians.


Tanaka Yoji Support Role
Makita Sports Support Role
Fukuyama Shodai Support Role
Iwasaki Udai Support Role
Hamano Kenta Main Role

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Drama , Friendship , Sports , Japanese


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