Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai (2019)

If Talking Paid, My Story Is Long

Drama , Family , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.8 423 10 0


After he graduated from a university, he became absorbed with coffee and opened up a business related to coffee. His business failed. Since then, Mitsuru has been unemployed and he hasn't even tried to find a new job. He lives with his mother, who runs a cafe. Mitsuru's comfortable days suddenly changes, because of his older sister and her family. His older sister's home is undergoing renovation and she moves her family into their mother's home temporarily. Mitsuru's older sister insists that he is avoiding reality with his current way of life. She also blames her mother for allowing Mitsuru to live in his current state. She pushes him to become independent.


Koike Eiko Akiba Ayako Support Role
Nishimura Masahiko Makimoto Motomu Support Role
Mizusawa Rintaro Takahira Riku Support Role
Kiyohara Kaya Akiba Harumi Support Role
Harada Mieko Kishibe Fusae Support Role
Sugino Yosuke Komano Kaisei Support Role
Honda Chikara Sonoda Takuto Support Role
Yasuda Ken Akiba Koji Support Role
Ikuta Toma Kishibe Mitsuru Main Role
Kaneko Shigeki Unknown Role
Nakajima Satoru Unknown Role