Ossans' Love (2018)


Drama , Business , Comedy , Friendship , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 7

7.8 447 10 0


Haruta Soichi is a 33-years-old single man who isn't popular with women. He works at a real estate office and lives with his parents. However, one day, his mother walks away from him and he has to live independently. Soichi doesn't know basic things such as cooking or washing his clothes. He then decides to live with Maki Ryota, a coworker who is good at housekeeping. One day, Ryota and Kurosawa Musashi, a gay coworker, both confess their feelings to Soichi.


Uchida Rio Arai Chizu Support Role
Tokuo Koji Screenwriter
Otsuka Nene Kurosawa Choko Support Role
Kojima Kazuya Arai Tetei Support Role
Kaneko Daichi Kuribayashi Utamaro Support Role
Ito Shuko Mega Segawa Support Role
Mashima Hidekazu Takagawa Masane Support Role
Hayashi Kento Maki Ryota Main Role
Yoshida Kotaro Kurosawa Musashi Main Role
Tanaka Kei Haruta Soichi Main Role
Nagase Tasuku Kenzaki Tatsumi (Ep.5) Guest Role

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Drama , Business , Comedy , Friendship , Romance , Japanese