Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang'An (2018)
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  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: CCTV

Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang'An (2018)


Drama , Historical , Political , Chinese | Episodes 68

7.7 272 10 0


Set towards the end of Sui and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty is a story of intense upheaval that paves the way for a Golden Age under the rule of the Li Imperial Family. As is often told in history, there is no peace without bloodshed and the story follows a father and son rising above the dangerous and long-drawn battle for power among the nobles and the royals. They wavethe banner 'Tang' and established their capital in Chang'An. However, favoritism within the family leads to more turmoil between Li Shi Min and the Crown Prince Li Jian Cheng. Amidst the political rife, Wei Zheng who serves as the Prime Minister remains dedicated to keeping the peace in Chang'An. 


Lu Xing Yu Prime Minister Du Yan Support Role
Ma Jing Han Xu Shiji Support Role
Wang Wei Hua Ling Jing Support Role
Cheng Cheng Wei Ting Support Role
Zhang Shan Wang Shi Chong Support Role
Yao Yi Chen Zhang Sun Wuji Support Role
Chen Zhi Hui Li Jing Support Role
Bai Hai Long Qin Shubao Support Role
Zhang Hao Ran Yuchi Jing De Support Role
Du Yuan Pei Ji Support Role
Tian Yu Peng Du Rui Hui Support Role
Liu Yi Chen Zhang Liang Support Role
Cao Yuan Tai Xie Shu Fang Support Role
Li Ze Hou Jun Ji Support Role
Bai Hai Tao Wang Bo Dang Support Role
Alimujiang Zhi Shi Si Li Support Role
Qin Juan Zhe Liu De Yu Support Role
Wei Wei Wang Ren Ze Support Role
Wang Bin Li Xiao Gong Support Role
Daniel Feng Luo Shi Xin Support Role
Xu Hai Wei Chang He Support Role
Lian Yi Ming Director
Wang Quan You Li Shen Tong Support Role
Zhang Jinan Liu Hei Ta Support Role
Yan Jie Xue Ren Guo Support Role
Aike Bai'er Hei Xue Jie Li Khan Support Role
Piao Shuo Li Dao Zong Support Role
Zhang Bo Yu Cheng Yao Jin Support Role
Wang Jin Song Prime Minister Xiao Yu Support Role
Liang Vicky Yang Rui Support Role
Zhao Dong Ze Li Yuanji, Prince La of Chao Support Role
Li Zeng Virtuous Consort Yin Support Role
Li Hong Tao Duo Jian De Support Role
Lau Kong Gao Shi Lian Support Role
Wang Yu Wei Li Dao Xuan Support Role
Huang Qian Fu Gong Ta Support Role
He Zhong Hua Fang Xuan Ling Support Role
Han Cheng Yu Du Fuwei Support Role
Han Dong Li Jiancheng, Crown Prince Yin Main Role
Li Xue Jian Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of Tang Main Role
Zhang Hanyu Wei Zheng Main Role
Yao Helen Li Mulan, Princess Zhao of Ping Yang Main Role
Qin Jun Jie Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang Main Role
Shu Jennifer Queen Zhang Sun Main Role

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Drama , Historical , Political , Chinese