Penshion: Koi wa Momoiro (2020)


Drama , Drama , Family , Life , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 5

9.2 10 10 0


Shiro runs the pension "Love Is Pink" (“Koi wa Momoiro”) with his daughter Haru. The pension is located on the outskirts of Tokyo. Haru has a problem with her leg, but she works hard and tries to get more guests. This is unlike her father Shiro, who isn't interested in attracting more guests. Yoshio is a young man who begins to work part-time and lives at "Love Is Pink." 


Kakei Miwako Support Role
Kazuya Shiraishi Support Role
Mikura Mana Support Role
Joy Support Role
Hosono Haruomi Support Role
Saito Takumi Main Role
Ito Sairi Main Role
Lily Franky Main Role
Yasuhiko Shimizu Unknown Role