Perfect Combi (2019)


Drama , Drama , Korean | Episodes 13

8.1 86 10 0


A 'New-Retro' variety to enjoy various recollecting games and talk back to the childhood where I enjoyed the neighborhood with my best friend.


Kim Dong Hyun (Ep. 9, 13) Guest
Kim Jong Min (Ep. 9) Guest
Defconn Regular Member
Park Myung Soo (Ep. 11-12) Regular Member
Ravi (Ep. 10) Guest
Moon Se Yun (Ep. 2) Guest
Jung Hyung Don Regular Member
Kim Soo Yong (Ep. 8) Guest
Eun Ji Won Regular Member
Heo Kyung Hwan (Ep. 12) Guest
Kwang Hee (Ep. 13) Guest
Yoo Byung Jae (Ep.5-8) Guest
Ha Sung Woon (Ep. 10) Guest
Lee Soo Geun Regular Member
Kim Bo Sung (Ep. 8) Guest
Hwang Je Sung (Ep. 9-13) Regular Member
Lee Yong Jin (Ep.1-4) Guest
Moon Sung Min (Ep.1-7) Guest
Lee Jin Ho Regular Member