Perfect Partner (2020)


Drama , Business , Drama , Friendship , Life , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 52

7.7 1713 10 0


A story about public relation officers who start out looking out for themselves and gradually learn to fight side by side to overcome many obstacles. Wei Zhe (Huang Xuan) has received many awards as the most valuable independent public relations officer in the field. He has many connections, resources and methods to become the best of the best. Jiang Dalin (Tong Liya) is a rookie with a lot of potential. She is upright, competent and has a way with words. The two form a partnership in a race against time.


Wang Wilson Support Role
Wang Dong He Hong Wei Support Role
Gao Kai Yuan Chen Zhuo Support Role
Li Ze Feng Shen Ying Jie Support Role
Henry Prince Mak Support Role
Tian Yi Tong Ma Bang Ni Support Role
Huang Xuan Wei Zhe Main Role
Gao Lu Shu Qing Main Role
Tong Li Ya Jiang Da Lin Main Role
An Jian Unknown Role