Plerng Boon (2017)

The Frenemies, The Fire of Virtue, เพลิงบุญ

Drama , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 17

7.4 2429 10 0


imala and Jai Rerng are childhood friends. Rerk used to date Jai Rerng but she broke up with him and married Terdpan for his money. After that, Rerk and Pimala got closer and decided to get married. Jai Rerng, now divorced, asks to move in with them and Pimala feels sorry for her friend, so she accepts it. But Rerk still hates Jai Rerng for leaving him. He starts an affair with her in order to get revenge.


Bella Vanita Pimala Main Role
Tienphosuwan Janie Jai Rerng Main Role
Kulrattanarak Nawat Rerk Main Role
Scott Louis Supporting Role
Ongumpai Wansiri Supporting Role