Ploer Jai Hai Nai Pbeesard (2015)

Devil Lover, Devil Lover เผลอใจ..ให้นายปีศาจ

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Friendship , Romance , Youth , Thailand | Episodes 17

7.8 1327 10 0


A young boy with a special power where he can't control it. He was raised at J.T.S.D (Japanese Technologies Science Department) and never before learn the true meaning of "Love".


Pichaya Golf Sora Main Role
Imraporn Charada Pie Main Role
Benjakul Arthur Kevin Supporting Role
Hsu Thassapak Kirin Supporting Role
Aurthaveekul Nara Momoko Supporting Role
Nimjirawat Nattapat Sora [Young] Supporting Role
Saengsingkaeo Wasu [Sora's father] Supporting Role
Lerdkasemsap Kalaya "Mae Phai" [mother Phai] Supporting Role
D'Angelo Mike Khenta Guest Role