Priest (2018)

牧師, Peuriseuteu, 프리스트

Drama , Horror , Medical , Supernatural , Thriller , Korean | Episodes 16

7.8 3353 10 0


Oh Soo Min is a former doctor, but he is now a Catholic priest. He performs exorcisms. Meanwhile, Ham Eun Ho is a doctor in the emergency room of a hospital. One day, Oh Soo Min goes to the hospital where Ham Eun Ho works. She gets involved with him.


Son Jong Hak Gu Do Kyun Support Role
Jang Won Hyung Jang Won Suk Support Role
Kang Kyung Hun Cha Seon Young Support Role
Jang Hee Ryung Kim Yoo Ri Support Role
Oh Yeon Ah Shin Mi Yeon Support Role
Lee Young Suk Support Role
Kim Jong Hyun Director
Moon Man Se Screenwriter
Lee Gun Myung Lee Ki Hong Support Role
Yoo Bi Jung Yong Pil Support Role
Jang Jung Yeon Support Role
Park Jung Won Song Mi So Support Role
Min Ji Jang Kyung Ran Support Role
Moon Sook Support Role
Jung Yoo Mi Ham Eun Ho Main Role
Yeon Woo Jin Oh Soo Min Main Role
Park Yong Woo Moon Ki Sun Main Role

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Drama , Horror , Medical , Supernatural , Thriller , Korean