Princess Maison (2016)


Drama , Life , Manga , Japanese | Episodes 8

7.5 714 10 0


26-year-old Numagoe Sachi works for a Japanese-style bar and earns an annual income of 2.5 million yen. She lives with the goal of buying an apartment. Her routine is to spend her off-days going around to an apartment showroom in town in search of a “lucky property”. She studies the showroom with the dispassionate seriousness of someone just browsing around and asks questions that puts professionals to shame. Why does Sachi intendto buy an apartment alone? In truth, she suddenly lost her house in the past.


Takahashi Issei Masaichi Date Support Role
Shison Jun Naoto Okuda Support Role
Watanabe Makiko Fumi Nakamori Support Role
Fukagawa Mai Etsuko Support Role
Kino Hana Ryu Igawa Support Role
Morikawa Aoi Numagoe Sachi Main Role