Proposal Daisakusen (2007)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Friendship , Romance , Korean | Episodes 11

7.6 95 10 0


Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei have been friends since elementary school. Ken is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he fell long ago for the lively and cheerful Rei. But Rei is about to get married to another man. While Ken and other friends from high-school attend the wedding ceremony, a fairy appears and sends Ken back in time, giving him a second chance to win the girl he loves. 


Fujiki Naohito Support Role
Watabe Gota Support Role
Hamada Gaku Support Role
Morimoto Leo Support Role
Mikami Hiroshi Support Role
Kikuchi Kenichiro Support Role
Hara Fumina Support Role
Takeuchi Tomoya Support Role
Okawa Masahiro Support Role
Arai Kenta Support Role
Masumoto Yuko Support Role
Asakura Aki Support Role
Kawakami Yu Support Role
Matsumoto Tamaki Support Role
Hashimoto Kurumi Support Role
Hiraoka Yuta Support Role
Matsushige Yutaka Support Role
Yamazaki Shigenori Support Role
Eikura Nana Support Role
Miyazaki Yoshiko Support Role
Nagasawa Masami Main Role
Ikezawa Ayaka Guest Role
Minami Yoshihiro Guest Role
Nanase Hoshii Guest Role
Kobayashi Katsuya Guest Role
Natsuyagi Isao Guest Role
Hiwatashi Shinji Guest Role
Horan Chiaki Guest Role
Hankai Kazuaki Guest Role
Shiina Taizo Guest Role
Matsumoto Rio Guest Role
Sakai Toshiya Guest Role
Ogura Hisahiro Guest Role
Doi Yoshio Guest Role
Toji Takao Guest Role
Kaneko Shigeki Unknown Role
Katou Yuusuke Unknown Role
Hatsuyama Yasuhiro Unknown Role


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