Q Series: Have You Ever Fallen In Love, Miss Jiang? (2016)

Q Series 2016, Q Series: Miss Jiang, Q Series: Jiang Teacher, You Talked About Love It, 植劇場 - 姜老師,你談過戀愛嗎?

Drama , Thriller , Taiwan | Episodes 6

7.2 112 10 0


New teacher Jiang Shu Zhen is in an impossible spot. She may have witnessed school dean Chen Wei Lin sexually harassing a female student and is called to testify by a prosecutor. The situation turn even more complicated when the Chen proposes love to her. At the same time, school is taking actions to protect their reputation. Her lack of love experience and the pressure from the school challenges her view of herself and her character. Will she do the right thing? And what is the right thing to do?


Liu Guan Ting Chen Zhi-Ming Support Role
Cheng Carol Qian Xiao Yuan Support Role
Han Greg Chen Wei Zheng Support Role
Chih Tian Shih Jiang Zhi Hong Support Role
Alex Ko Luo Shao Zhong Support Role
Tsu Yun Lang Lin Wen Zhen Support Role
Lou Jackson Guo Ming Hui Support Role
Yeh Esther Jiang Shu Zhen Main Role
Yu Chen He Jiang Xiang Ci Main Role
Lan Blue Chen Wei Lin Main Role