Radio Romance (2018)

Ladio Romaenseu, 라디오 로맨스

Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 16

8.2 12217 10 0


The story begins with Top star Ji Soo Ho (Yoon Doo Joon) being trapped in a radio booth with Song Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) for two hours during a live broadcast. Song Geu Rim works as a radio program writer. Her mother is blind and as a child she listened to the radio frequently with her. This led her to become a radio program writer, but she isn’t exactly talented in writing. Now, the radio program that she works on is facing cancellation. Song Geu Rim succeeds in casting top actor Ji Soo Ho, who can’t speak a single word unless it’s been scripted for him.


Im Ji Kyu Lee Seung Soo Support Role
Kwak Dong Yeon Jason Support Role
Oh Hyun Kyung Nam Joo Ha Support Role
Park Hyo Joo Ra Ra Hee Support Role
Yoon Joo Sang Moon Sung Woo Support Role
Ryu Hye Rin Tornado Support Role
Lee Won Jong Kang Hee Seok Support Role
Kim Byung Se Ji Yoon Seok Support Role
Yoon Park Lee Kang Support Role
Kim Ye Ryung Jo Ae Ran Support Role
Jung Hee Tae An Bong Seob Support Role
Ha Joon Kim Joon Woo Support Role
Kim Hye Ji Da Seul Support Role
Lee Eui Woong Woo Ji Woo Support Role
Jo Byung Kyoo Ko Hoon Jung Support Role
Yura Jin Tae Ri Support Role
Shim Eun Woo Gamoom (drought) Support Role
Jun Yoo Rim Jangma (rainy season) Support Role
Kim So Hyun Song Geu Rim Main Role
Yoon Doo Joon Ji Soo Ho Main Role
Ahn Do Kyu Ji Soo Ho (young) Guest Role

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Drama , Romance , Korean