Rak Prakasit (2012)

Ruk Prakasit, Decree Love, Love Commands, รักประกาศิต

Drama , Drama , Family , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 14

7.5 941 10 0


Nid is a working woman who asked for a job as a secretary at Puchit's farm, but instead was assigned to be a manager working in the farm. As a boss and an employee working together almost everyday, Nid and Puchit eventually became close. Lek, Puchit's little sister who has an anxiety disorder, couldn't accept the fact that her only brother has love for someone else other than her. She would try every way to chase away Narissara from her beloved brother. Despite Lek's irrational behaviors, Niphon, another employee in the farm, would always stay by her side and take care of her. However, the self-centered Lek looked down at him because he's just an employee, just like how she looked down at Narissara. How will the love between Puchit and Narissara be solved?


Paksukcharoen Taksaorn Nid Main Role
Skidjai Natthawut Phuchit Main Role
Sirikul Penpak Lady Daraka Supporting Role
Suriyon Aroonwattanakul Phisut Supporting Role
Teansuwan Krunnapol Narong / Naak Supporting Role
Treerattanawareesin Methus James Watson Supporting Role
Sorawit Suboon Niphon Supporting Role
Janjareon Supoj Witthawat Supporting Role
Sirikul Penpak Lady Daraka Supporting Role
Poolsawad Sakaojai "Na" / Lakkhana Supporting Role
Prompratan Orasa [Phisut's Mother] Supporting Role
Pongwilai Suchao Phisut's Father Guest Role