Ratman to the Rescue (2019)
Ep 1


  • Release: 2019
  • Broadcast network: TVB

Ratman to the Rescue (2019)

Ratman, Ratman to the Rescue, 過街英雄

Drama , Adventure , HK | Episodes 20

7.3 317 10 0


This combination of Sammy and Cuiru is described as bold, because in fact, the number of two people filming is not large, Cui Ru refers to the TVB filmed by ten hands, and Sammy has been filmed by TVB There are even fewer episodes. But in fact, it ’s the first cooperation. Cuiru recalled the filming of the first film that year: "My first set had a performance" I want to be a model ". At that time, I was only an old It ’s called dialogue. It ’s similar to Abian ’s arrival, but when I ’m done talking, the camera has been turned away. ”After hearing the frank response, Sammy actually remembered it.


Chau Daniel Support Role
Yu Henry Support Role
Ma Helen Support Role
Lo Angelina Support Role
Lo Henry Support Role
Peter Lai Support Role
Wong Priscilla Main Role
Leung Sammy Main Role
Tam Zoie Main Role
Kong Kaman Main Role

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Drama , Adventure , HK